Jan-Michael Steils


I am an agriculturalist, veterinarian and product developer. I have been working in the entire dairy supply chain for many years. I am passionate about conceiving and developing new solutions.

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Friday Jul 29

A Novel Biomechanically Designed Orthosis for the Bovine Claw

The orthosis considers the anatomy and biomechanics of the claw and thus ensures a more claw-friendly pressure load and pressure distribution. In addition, the activation of the adhesive makes the application of the orthoses much easier and also allows a very precise application to the claw, which is crucial for the stability of the blocks and the slip resistance.


Our pressure measurement data provide good evidence so far that this is an innovation with great potential to reduce secondary claw damage due to pressure induced lesions and thus improve animal welfare. Evidence will be strengthened in a next step by pressure measurements on larger numbers of live animals.