February 2024



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About the
Hoof Health Conference

The Hoof Health Conference focuses on discussions concerning recent developments taking place in the field of bovine hoof health and a selection of topics designed to support the development and continuation of hoof trimmers’ business.

A general business meeting of the membership, hands-on demonstrations, lecture/Q&A sessions, plenty of social time and other educational sessions will be included in conference opportunities. 


More than Colleagues

The chance to exchange ideas with fellow trimmers from different places.


Renew Acquaintances

It's been far too long. Now is the perfect time to see those friends again.


Professional Advancement

No matter how long you've been trimming, there is always something new you can learn - even if it is how to help a younger trimmer.


Hands On

Learn new techniques - the whys and hows.

Why Attend
Hoof Health Conference

The conference is more than just listening to some people talk and visiting vendor booths. One of the most important aspects of the Hoof Health Conference is the connections made between hoof trimmer peers – connections that last a lifetime.

Save your seat for the best Hoof Care Conference of the year.