Justine Kelsey

Novus C.O.W.S. Program Manager

Justine Kelsey is the Program Manager for the Novus C.O.W.S. Program on the East Coast. Novus International was born in 1991 out of the Scientific Heritage of Monsanto and has been owned and managed by Mitsui and Co, (USA) Inc. and Nippon Soda Co, Ltd for over 30 years. Novus boasts a portfolio leveraged across multiple species in global markets specifically HMTBA Methionine in Ruminants along with organic trace minerals.

The C.O.W.S. Program is uniquely designed at unlocking bottlenecks in cow comfort, productivity and animal wellbeing. For six years, Justine has been exposed to thousands of dairies across the United States becoming a subject matter expert in facility design, layout, farm management and the impacts of management choices on cow-based welfare metrics, including lying behavior and locomotion performance.

Justine graduated with a Bachelors in Animal Science from Cornell University and a juris doctorate from Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Justine has been employed in the dairy industry for over 20 years with various companies including direct to farm sales with Elanco, managing her family’s dairy in Canastota, NY and working in litigation in Syracuse, NY. Justine actively owns and shows Holstein, Red and White and Jersey cattle and in her spare time enjoys marketing genetics globally.