Daniel Zalduendo


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master in Business Administration and Communication . With a family tradition of hoof trimmers, my first contact with the dairy cattle industry started 20 years ago as an assistant of a hoof trimmer. 

After finishing my veterinary studies I was for 6 years working in the north-east of Spain as an advisor to dairy farms, cooperatives, industries and feed companies in the areas of Milk Quality, Nutrition and General Management.

I joined HIPRA, an animal health company in 2012. I worked as Brand Manager, coordinating HIPRA’s Mastitis Unit, providing mastitis vaccines and services to more than 50 countries. This has allowed me to understand the different markets, to deliver lectures and to create collaborative links in the field of disease prevention all around the globe.

I joined the ANKA team in July 2019 as  Sales and Veterinary Director. I want to contribute with my international experience and marketing expertise to make ANKA a global reference in hoof health. We maintain the innovation spirit in all our actions and we consider ourselves as a family company with global vocation. ANKA group trims 70,000 cows/year. It provides an opportunity to test our crushes and facilitates feedback in order to improve.

 In addition to my interest in dairy cattle, I have several hobbies including running in the forests and mountains behind my home and reading children’s books to my sons.

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Thursday Feb 22

Preventing Injuries in Hoof Trimming: The Importance of Ergonomics

I will elaborate on our experience with Witrein, delving into the Anka company's instruction of practical physical exercises aimed at injury prevention, and emphasizing the significance of maintaining proper posture (Ergonomics) during the trimming process.

3 pm - 4 pm

Thursday Feb 22

Can we learn while having fun? Insights from Spain

Can the process of learning be effectively intertwined with the enjoyment of leisure? Exploring this question leads us to the intriguing realm of insights garnered from Spain. My attention will be directed towards two distinctive training activities that stand as remarkable examples of this concept in action. These activities, namely the "LowStress Cattle Handling Breakfast" and the esteemed "World Trimming Cup," offer us a captivating glimpse into the potential synergy between education and amusement.